over 201 lbs: Super Heavyweight
3 amateur
I'm looking to spar, mostly on the weekends. I'm in law enforcement and I want as much combat experience as I can get. I want to be able to fight off anyone I need to, including drug addicts doped up on something or people more skilled than me. I don't mind if you're a beginner like me or advanced. I'm strong and I can take a punch. I will have my own gear, and if there's a gym you regularly use we can go there. Preferably within the baltimore city limits, or somewhere I can access by walking/bike/bus. I am a personal trainer and willing to provide free training as an incentive. I can pull punches and refrain from grappling on the ground for anyone under my weight class. I'm not a bully, but I want to fight people who are strong but fast as well, and most people my size aren't fast.