132 lbs: Lightweight
0 amateur
Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo. Im self taught, which means i have enough of an understanding of how my moves blockes and stances interact with eachother. If its needed I can come up with something on the fly. It has gotten to the point where my stance will just stop the other person. Im great at reading and time seems to slow down, making dodges and counters easy. My Main strength is my speed. Not only in movement but perception. Probably my adhd/autism combo. Martial arts IS my special interest after all. I know unhealthy amounts of stuff about it. I love fighting, sadly i dont get to that much. Its not just about hitting hard. It is an art form. If my opponent isn't good enough they will be my paint for the canvas. Well in actuality Id probably just play around with them since id rather not be ruthless to them if they cant even land a hit. I get excited whenever I get hit though. It fills me with such energy and enthusiasm. I kinda love it almost. It ofcourse will start to hurt but. I guess that makes me a Raging Massochist, right? I wont deny it. My fighting style looks like minimal effort sometimes, but it never is. It can be minimal movement. It will look reactionary but i assure you that when I do that I have a plan. An other thing i do which I dont understand to this day is being able to win or get myself out of the worst situations, in terms of fighting, in ways i still dont understand how they are possible. It only happens when I start actually loosing and I still don't know how to replicate any of them. But yeah i can just accidentally win idklol, I get confused by it too like. I guess I won? IDK how but, there it is, my opponent lost, its undeniable. I guess what im saying is when it is said that I do crazy shit. It's not a weird gimmick, or brute strength, I just happen to, of my understanding of physics, technically can do magic. I just dont understand It and I don't know what kind of physics law could help me understand wft i do. Since I was ten. Ive never lost a fight(unless it was intentional), and I'll tell you about it, maybe. But idk whats keeping me from loosing. I have my own signature move too. I should go into mma. I dont know how or where to start, but i definitely don't have the money if I have to like attend, slightly more popular training. Ugh whatever, maybe one day I'll get to have some fun, with it. Oh btw I'm a girl. Think of me less think of me braver, I don't give a damn. Just pls think of me during a fight, dont get cocky. I can use others' strengths against them. Anyway bye
btw I also like to play street fighter and get what little thrill of a fight I can through video games. Sakura=best character